1. AGE: You must be at least 18 years old.

2. BEHAVIOR: Name calling, flaming, harassment, racism, bigotry and general disrespect toward chatters is not tolerated.

3. NICKNAMES. Offensive, sexually graphic, or usernames indicating youthfulness or an interest in minors will not be allowed.

4. YOUR SAFETY: Never publicly post any personally identifying information. Be absolutely certain of another person’s trustworthiness before allowing them a glimpse into your real life in a private message. If in doubt ask a Moderator. You are and must be responsible for your own safety; personal, financial, and emotional.

5. PRIVATE MESSAGING: Ask in chatroom and receive Permission BEFORE sending Private Messages. Report Private Messages to Moderators in which the other person violates Rule 2 above or expresses a carnal/sexual or roleplaying interest in children.

6. ROOM USE: Rooms shall be used according to the room title, e.g. the MTF Room is for topical discussion of issues for transgender women. Cybering is allowed in the Cyber-Flirting-Fun Room only.

7. DISPUTE WITH MOD: Public Arguing with chat moderators is not permitted. If you have a major disagreement with a Moderator’s action please contact Zehr4ek.

8. ADVERTISING, FLOODING and TROLLING: Do not spam chatrooms with commercial interests, attempting to sell products or services in any manner. Do not flood chatrooms with excessive copy/paste or via other methods causing normal chat to be over-whelmed or obliterated. Open, Singles-style posts [34/M/seeking TG] allowed only in the Cyber room.

9. HEALTH ADVICE: Do not advocate any type of illegal activity, including but not limited to dispensing healthcare advice without a license and advocating use of pharmaceuticals or mood-altering drugs, legal or otherwise. Public discussion of detailed HRT dosaging/regimen is not allowed.

10. GENERAL: Do not otherwise engage in rude, obnoxious, or disruptive activity. Discussions on politics and religion are not allowed.
We do not want to seem overbearing but have found through many years of trial-and-error that these rules are necessary to maintaining a welcoming, understanding, supportive, and orderly chatsite. We are very friendly; the main thing we want and expect is that everyone be civil and courteous toward others while in here.


Hello. This is Zehr4ek. I have established this chat-site only as a last resort, stemming from frustration, even exasperation, with what happened to our chat community over the span of a few weeks in April 2018. Our formerly firm and strict “Privacy Policy” was discarded, and many other changes were also implemented that in my opinion would likely be detrimental to the chat participants.

I ask nothing from you other than reading and following the simple rules, and otherwise being reasonably friendly, courteous, and respectful to all you may encounter here.
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Privacy Pledge

This Statement was created on May 9th, 2018, by Zehr4ek.

Your privacy and trust are important to us. This chatsite is committed to the responsible protection of your personal information. THIS CHATSITE WILL NEVER SELL YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO YOUR CONTACT DATA, PICTURES, NOR LOGS OF YOUR CHATTING ACTIVITIES.

Please read this Statement carefully and contact Zehr4ek if you have any questions about our privacy practices. If we make any significant changes to this Privacy Policy we will announce so boldly and repeatedly in the open chatroom Lobby, and note the same in here using italics, along with the date of the change. It is important that you check back HERE from time to time for updates to this Policy Statement.

“Personal information” means any information which would lend itself to being able to identify and track a specific, natural person. Examples include but are not limited to: Name, Address, Telephone number, Government Identification numbers (Such as in USA Social Security #) , etc. etc.

    This chat community in general DOES NOT collect such data.

The Administration Panel for this site does demonstrate your specific Internet Provider number [IP or ISP Numbers], and logs the Email address with which you registered.

The only instances where we might divulge such data are:

01. If you are formally accused and under investigation for violation of serious criminal laws [felonies], including but not limited to such things as manufacturing/distributing/trafficking of illegal drugs, child pornography, homicide, terroristic acts, etc. We will cooperate with formal, proper, and lawful requests from law enforcement criminal investigations and court orders to divulge such information.

02. If while on our chatsite you are describing committing such serious crimes we will report the same to appropriate law enforcement agencies.

As to CIVIL [meaning non-criminal] legal actions, we will resist divulging any of your information to the extent we are able under the law. (For example, a subpoena from an attorney in a Divorce case would probably NOT be enough to get to your information. However, a Court Order having proper jurisdictional authority directing us to divulge our data likely would have to be obeyed.)
How to contact us

We understand that you may have questions or concerns about this Statement or our privacy practices or may wish to file a complaint. Please feel free to contact us in one of the following ways:

01. Asking to speak with Zehr4ek privately while on the chatsite, or ask a Moderator to relay the message to Zehr4ek.

02. Email:


We have been accused of ‘spamming’ another chatsite for members. I would ask that no one from our site be “spamming” any other sites for chat members, nor doing anything to harm another chatsite. Please, we really do not need to have things like that going on. Remember that we are the understanding, caring, warm, friendly, fun, and positively supportive chatsite.