Terms of Use -the ‘Deal’ in here.

TERMS OF USE [TOU] Created by Zehr4ek, May 2018.

What follows is the legal terms you are agreeing to abide by for access to use our chatsite. I have done my best to simplify such terms down to plain, everyday American-style English language; the goal being to make this understandable to any adult who has at least approximately an 8th-grade education [level of understanding of a typical 14 y.o. or so in USA].

IF you have technical questions about legal terms you may consult with an attorney of your choosing, OR address them to Zehr4ek in a private message or by email at propeller8@aol.com

T01. By accessing or using this web site in any manner YOU are acknowledging that you have read, understood, and are agreeing to these terms, along with the “Chat Rules” and the “Privacy Policy“ found on the underlying website, TG-CD-SupportFriends.com .
[This means: Whether you have read and understood all this or not, you will STILL be legally bound to all of these items.]

T02. IF any significant changes are made to THIS document or the Chat Rules or the Privacy Policy, such changes will be in italics and dated, and will be announced repeatedly in the chat-room Lobby. It is still YOUR duty to check from time to time to see if any changes have been made.

T03. You must be 18 years of age or older to use this Chatsite. No exceptions. If you in any way express or indicate you are likely under 18 years old, we will banish you permanently without notice.

T04. Copyright. A ‘copyright’ means the Right to own, use, and possibly sell things you have created, like stories, artwork, pictures, etc. Most of the material provided on this Site is under a copyright to whoever may have created it and so is likely protected by law, including, but not limited to, United States copyright law and international treaties. IF IN DOUBT DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE/REPOST MATERIAL FROM HERE. In other words, no ‘borrowing’ nor ‘plagiarizing’ the pictures and other materials on this chatsite without specific, WRITTEN permission [what is called a ‘License to Use’] from the creator and/or owner.

T05. You must not post in any manner material on or through any portion of this chatsite which, in our sole judgment is in violation of any local, state, federal or non-United States law or regulation, OR violates the Chat Rules or Privacy Policy. This includes pirated or other unauthorized photos, images, or videos. [You do not have to post pictures of yourself in here if you do not want to, BUT do not be posting copyrighted pictures of OTHER people, claiming them to be you. Besides violating laws and rights, that is just tacky.]

T06. As some examples but not in limitation hereof, the following actions are prohibited:

a. Posting in any manner information that is unlawful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, hateful, intolerant as to race/ ethnicity/ sexual orientation/ age / gender identity or otherwise invades another person’s privacy. [IN OTHER WORDS Rude/Crude/Lewd does NOT belong in our chat community].

b. Seriously impersonating other persons. No ’catfishing’ will be tolerated. [You do not have to be your real life self in here, but do NOT in any way make serious claims to be a specific other real person. Lighthearted flirtation and risqué’ interactions are allowed; ‘Catfishing’ is considered by us to be Predatory and will get you exposed and banned.]

c. No posting of advertising nor commercial interests of any sort.

d. No posting of any other information that violates any of the chat rules or privacy policy.

T07. This chat site is provided “as is” without warranties of any kind, either express or implied as to it‘s technical aspects. We cannot and do not make any representations regarding the software [primarily pictures] that are uploaded in chat on this site; we cannot guarantee or warrant that the files available for downloading from this chatsite, if any, will be free from defects or infections, viruses, worms, “Trojan horses“, or other code that may have contaminating or destructive properties.

T08. In no event will we be responsible or liable in any manner or form for any damages to your electronics, software, data, nor in any other way if you are harmed by using this site or downloading materials from it. [This means: “If in any way your stuff, including your computer, software, data, or other electronics get damaged through your visiting our site we are in no way financially liable for any such damage“]

T09. You agree to indemnify and hold us harmless from any claim for damages (including legal fees and costs as allowed by law) made by a third party for your violation of any law or the rights of that third party in respect to use of our chatsite if there has been any breach or suspected breach of these Terms of Use, Chat Rules, or Privacy policy by you. [This means “If YOU post something or do something that WE get sued for by another person, YOU will have to pay for it, including paying our lawyer fees and legal costs, whether the other person wins or loses.”]

T10. At our sole discretion we may banish or otherwise remove a chat participant and that participant’s materials from this site if we have reason to believe that person has breached any of the rules and terms of this site, or been involved in illegal or suspected illegal activity. We have the right to report you to law enforcement or file lawsuits against you for violations of civil rights. [This means “We can kick you out of the chatsite for any reason or even for no reason without giving you so much as a chance to answer or explain. If we suspect you may have done something criminal we can turn you into law enforcement. We can file lawsuits against you in civil court if we think you have seriously violated any of these terms and conditions.”

11. You cannot give us License or other authority to violate a 3rd-party’s Copyrights. Just in case you slip something past us that is actually owned by a 3rd-Party, we have no responsibility for that. Such possible violations of 3rd-Party ownership rights must be addressed against the participant who posted such materials. We in no way wish to allow infringement of anyone’s copyrights. If we are made aware of offenders we will kick them off the site, but otherwise you have no recourse against us.

12. Complaint Procedures. If you believe that a chat participant has posted material which violates another person’s rights, including but not limited to Copyrights,
you may notify us via e-mail at propeller8@aol.com . Please be as specific in your complaint as possible regarding who is involved, approximate date and time, and the exact nature of the alleged 3rd-party rights violations. [Such as: On May 12th, 2019, about 9:00 PM USA EST, Reginald1911 uploaded a picture into the chat Lobby claiming it to be himself that is actually of ME from three years ago. I suspect Reginald1911 may be an old roommate of mine.] We will do our best to investigate such matters. If we find you have made a false claim merely to harass or injure another person YOU will be subject to banishment and possible criminal charges of perjury/false swearing, as allowed by law.

13. Your personal Safety: As listed in Chat Rules, while using this chatsite you are and must be responsible for your own safety: Personal, Financial, and Emotional. This Means “No matter how badly you may be fooled, conned or embarrassed by another chatter/user on this site you cannot hold us responsible for it in any way, shape, form or fashion.“ We actually do attempt to track and identify Predatory persons in here, and remove them from the site. But they are often subtle and cunning, and keep returning in new guises. Be wary for your own sake.

14. Cooperation with Law Enforcement: As mentioned in chat rules and privacy policy, we WILL cooperate with legal investigations regarding criminal complaints and suspected or actual criminal activity.

15. APPLICABLE LAWS, VENUE, JURISDICTION. If you have a legal dispute of any kind with any of these terms, any provisions in the chat rules and/or privacy policy, or any other actions, inactions, or decisions by the chatsite Administration, such dispute shall be subject to the laws, jurisdiction, and venue of the home state within the USA of the chatsite owner and/or current Administrator. [This is fairly typical language and corresponds with customs in the United States Legal System; it means if you want to sue us as Defendants then you have to come to the Defendants‘ locale.]